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Barrow Green Gas is the only green gas/biomethane shipping business that ships biomethane for the producer, supplies biomethane to the gas buyer, and manages the green gas certificates to make the gas green.

BGG in Brief


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Green energy company Good Energy is now offering ‘Green Gas’, thanks to dedicated biomethane shipper, Barrow Green Gas.  Its new gas offering – which is now 6% biomethane - is designed to make it easy for energy customers to take action against climate change.  The carbon neutral gas tariff was launched to coincide with the recent signing of the UN Climate Change Agreement.  

Commenting on the launch of the new tariff, climate change pioneer and Good Energy founder Juliet Davenport OBE, said:

“World leaders made a huge promise in New York to take action against climate change. Emissions from energy are one of the biggest causes of global warming, and the simplest way to cut your footprint is switching to renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas. We can all do something to drastically cut our reliance on fossil fuels right now.”

Tim Davis, Barrow Green Gas managing director, added:

“It’s wonderful news that Good Energy is now offering people the option to use green gas in their homes.  Many of us have a big investment in our home’s gas central heating system, and nationally we’ve got a big investment in the gas grid.  Biomethane provides a green option while continuing to use gas to heat our homes, using existing technology.  We’re now helping more and more biomethane producers who have connected to the grid, find a market for their gas.  Growing demand, from the general public and industry, will ensure that green gas maintains its position as the UK’s leading renewable heat technology.”

Today the UK is the fastest growing producer of biomethane with 65 plants injecting green gas into the national grid. A survey conducted by the Renewable Energy Association in April 2016 has shown that 84% of people in the UK would like to switch to using green gas in their homes. 

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Notes to editors:

  • Dedicated biomethane shipper, Barrow Green Gas (BGG) is the largest shipper of biomethane in the UK
  • Biomethane is a renewable, or green gas, produced from biodegradable matter such as food waste, sewage or energy crops.  When it is injected into the existing gas grid, biomethane provides a sustainable, flexible and economic solution that is predicted to make a significant contribution to GB’s heat demand.  
  • National Grid estimate biomethane can supply 5-18% of GB’s gas demand by 2020.  It is also increasingly being used as a road fuel by trucks and buses both here and the rest of Europe.
  • BGG is the only GB gas business that is focussed solely on the biomethane market, supporting biomethane producers, supplying biomethane to gas buyers, and trading Green Gas Certificates (GGCs) from producers to buyers.
  • GGCs track the flow of biomethane through the gas grid providing transparency for gas buyers who want to buy green energy.  BGG have transacted in excess of 100GWh of GGCs since the start of the scheme.
  • Good Energy ‘Green Gas’ – the new gas offering will include 6% biomethane. 
  • In addition, the emissions from the gas customers use will be neutralised through verified carbon-reduction schemes that support local communities in Malawi, Vietnam and Nepal.
  • Good Energy calculates that the electricity used at home accounts for around 24% of your carbon footprint and gas 26% - and electricity consumption accounts for around 45% of the energy carbon footprint of the average home, whilst gas accounts for 46%. 

About Barrow Green Gas
Barrow Green Gas (BGG) holds GB Gas Shipper & Supplier Licences, so can utilise the existing natural gas network to deliver green gas.  From a commercial point of view, BGG offers flexible contracts, tailored Individual support and transparency.  Green gas is supplied at prices linked to the natural gas ‘daily system clearing price’ – where prices are driven by real supply and real demand on the day.

About Good Energy
Good Energy is a fast-growing green energy company, generating and selling 100% renewable electricity and green gas to homes and businesses across the UK, all wrapped up in great customer service.  Our mission is to support change in the energy market, tackle climate change and boost energy security. Good Energy is consistently highly rated for customer service by Which? and MoneySavingExpert users. Good Energy invests in renewable energy including wind, solar, biofuel, hydro and tidal.