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Barrow Green Gas is the only green gas/biomethane shipping business that ships biomethane for the producer, supplies biomethane to the gas buyer, and manages the green gas certificates to make the gas green.

BGG in Brief


Nick Finding

Dedicated biomethane shipper, Barrow Green Gas (BGG), signed up a record 26 green gas producers. 

When fully up and running, the 26 sites can put 1.4 TWh of green gas into the existing gas pipes.
Tim Davis, Barrow Green Gas’s managing director says: “2015 was a record year for us and the biomethane to grid sector, which has experienced spectacular growth in the last two years.   There is every indication that this growth will continue as producers and suppliers realise that renewable gas is the best choice for heating our homes and also fuelling trucks and buses.”

Biomethane is a renewable, or green gas, produced from biodegradable matter such as food waste, sewage or energy crops.  When it is injected into the existing gas grid, biomethane provides a sustainable, flexible and economic solution that is predicted to make a significant contribution to GB’s heat demand.  National Grid estimate biomethane can supply 5-18% of GB’s gas demand by 2020.  It is also increasingly being used as a road fuel by trucks and buses both here and in Europe.
Barrow Green Gas was set up to provide biomethane producers with a dedicated service which is focused on all the benefits that green gas can offer. BGG is also the UK’s premier green gas supplier, supplying the most green gas into the GB’s natural gas network.

BGG is the only GB business that is focussed solely on the biomethane market, supporting biomethane producers, supplying biomethane to gas buyers, and trading Green Gas Certificates (GGCs) from producers to buyers.

GGCs track the flow of biomethane through the gas grid providing transparency for gas buyers who want to buy green energy.  BGG have transacted now in excess of 100GWh of GGCs since the start off the scheme

The UK's first commercial biomethane to grid producer, Rainbarrow Farm, Poundbury, was commissioned in October 2012, followed by Vale Green in Evesham in 2013. 


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